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What footwear for firefighters? Discover the possibilities of the FALCON collection.

What footwear for firefighters? Discover the possibilities of the FALCON collection.

A firefighter's job is more than just showing up at headquarters and performing their duties from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It can be said that it is a kind of mission to protect others and thus give society a sense of security. People working in this profession are confronted practically every day with tasks that are not only demanding, difficult and stressful, but in many cases also involve the risk of losing health and life.

That is why in this field, as in hardly any other, the right equipment plays such an important role. Above all, this includes professional clothing and equally specialist footwear. Thanks to them, firefighters can efficiently perform the tasks entrusted to them - and at the same time be sure that they themselves are protected in the best possible way.

One of the missions that has guided us since the beginning of the PROTEKTOR brand is to design and create footwear that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. A perfect example of this is the special product ranges we have been producing for years. In this article you will learn more about the products from FALCON, i.e. the professional footwear for firefighters.

FALCON - footwear for firefighters for special tasks

The collection includes 5 unique models designed for even the most difficult and extreme conditions. Below you will find detailed information about the parameters, the technology and, above all, the possibilities that this unique footwear offers mainly to firefighters.

Durable design that performs well during firefighting operations

The footwear is covered with a durable layer of non-flammable leather and filled with a special thermal insulation membrane. This allows the products to perfectly withstand both high temperatures and direct contact with fire. In addition, special reinforcements provide effective protection for the most sensitive parts of the feet, including: toes, ankles and even Achilles tendons. The outstanding quality, excellent performance parameters and, above all, intended use are confirmed by relevant certificates for this category, including, among others: IPS -1439-34/2021 issue 2, IPS -1439-35/2021 issue 2, IPS -1439-36/2021 issue 2, IPS -1439-37/2021 issue 2. Modern technology that helps firefighters do their job Firefighters often have to deal with fire in their work, but also with uneven, wet and slippery surfaces that increase the risk of falls and injuries. We have not ignored these aspects either. That is why the FALCON footwear is equipped with professional soles. Their construction not only perfectly absorbs shocks and protects the feet, but also offers effective protection against slipping.

Superior mobility for freedom and comfort

Besides protection from damage and burns, speed and manoeuvrability are also important. Despite all the above parameters, it is worth mentioning that the FALCON firefighter's boots are still relatively light. The weight of a single boot is just over 1 kilogramme. This in turn makes it possible to move freely and the feet do not get tired - even during many hours of work.

Accessories that enhance everyday wear

This unique footwear collection is rounded off by features such as reflective elements, robust laces and zips, as well as systems that make the footwear easier to put on and take off. All this ensures that every firefighter gets what is most important in their job.

Firefighter boots that other professionals will also appreciate

Even though the vast majority of the features discussed relate to the firefighting profession - it is worth noting that the FALCON line of footwear definitely has a broader application. Its possibilities are also appreciated by representatives of other professions - such as rescue workers, medics and others. In a word - all those who face adverse conditions in their daily work and at the same time need to be sure that their feet are properly protected.

Would you like to improve the ergonomics and safety of your work?

Take a look at our shop, where you will find, among other things, professional firefighter boots from the FALCON collection. If further questions arise during your search, please contact us so that you can ask them quickly and conveniently. PROTEKTOR footwear is a solution that will surprise you with its solidity, modernity and reliability.