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What footwear for hiking? Take a look at the GROM models.

What footwear for hiking? Take a look at the GROM models.

Hiking in the lowlands, the highlands and the mountains requires willingness, time, passion and above all good preparation. If you are planning an expedition lasting several hours or days, you need to take into account not only the terrain, but also the weather conditions.

That is why it is so important to take provisions, appropriate clothing and suitable footwear. Thanks to these things, your trip will be predictable and you will - instead of worrying about safety - focus on what is important, which is communing with nature and discovering the beauty of new places.

The GROM boots are not only specialist products used by uniformed services, rescue workers, foresters and even police officers. Their excellent usage parameters make them ideal boots for pursuing your hobbies as well - especially for hiking in challenging terrain.

GROM, the boots for hiking

The GROM range includes 14 models of suitable hiking boots that offer you comfort, safety and control - even on the most demanding expeditions. If you want to know what their parameters are and, above all, why they should become your inseparable companion on every trip - read on. The collection described is divided into two main product groups. The first group includes the classic GROM leather boots, which are characterized by high durability, comfort and excellent performance. The second group, in turn, consists of the GROM LIGHT boots. These models are characterized, among other things, by the use of velour leather (as the upper layer) as well as by a slightly slimmed-down construction (a single shoe can be up to 200 grammes lighter).

Hiking dozens of kilometers - without chafing, injuries or even leg fatigue

The hiking boots of the GROM line are the ideal way to guarantee comfort and safety. High-quality materials and a molded structure ensure that the boots adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot, offer adequate thermal insulation and also provide ventilation. You can walk really long distances in them without worrying about the health and condition of your feet.

Adapt to any weather and absolutely any conditions on the trail

With GROM boots, you can rely not only on excellent quality and above-average ergonomics. Thanks to the wide range of models available, you can also decide on the intended use. If you prefer to hike during the warm periods of spring and summer, you will certainly appreciate the possibilities offered by the light and airy hiking boots. If your goal is to conquer the trails in autumn or even winter, insulated boots equipped with modern Thinsulate technology are definitely better for the job. Are you often out in the rain or on muddy or heavily watered trails? Then you should know that the selected models are equipped with a special membrane that will protect your feet from moisture!

Keep your every step under control

A high and non-slip sole, sturdy lacing and a perfectly fitted tongue. These features give you perfect support and a good “feel” of the boot. The SHOCK ABOSRBER technology makes even rugged, rocky terrain with roots easier than ever!

Are you planning your next trip into unknown and challenging terrain?

Count on a proven companion for your comfort and safety on every trip. Go to our online shop and discover all the possibilities of hiking boots from GROM and GROM LIGHT now. Just a few kilometers covered will be enough to reassure you that they are one of the best solutions to accompany you on any expedition!