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What footwear for the food and catering industry? Let's get to know Food Trax.

What footwear for the food and catering industry?

Discover the new line of Food Trax footwear. Working in the catering and food industry in general has its own very specific rules.

Regular contact with food (both during production, processing, further transport and storage, and during final preparation) means that this is the area where the greatest risk to health and safety exists. For this reason, food must be produced, handled and stored under suitable conditions that not only protect against loss of quality, but above all ensure the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Food businesses must therefore ensure that the correct equipment is used, that it is regularly disinfected, that the space is kept clean and that all people who come into contact with these items are protected. One of the elements you should think about is also the need to wear appropriate footwear. And we will focus on this aspect later in this post.

Food Trax - footwear for working with foodstuffs

The answer to the high demands made by industry, regulations and the customers themselves is ABEBA footwear and, more specifically, the new line of specialist Food Trax footwear. Our latest collection consists of up to 18 models which, thanks to their versatility, can be used in many areas of the catering and food industry. Below you will find detailed information about these products.

Versatile footwear for the catering and food industry

Food Trax footwear comes in two basic colors - white and black.

●       The white footwear meets the strict standards (HACCP requirements). This makes it ideal for use in slaughterhouses, butcher shops and other food factories.

●       Black footwear, on the other hand, is intended for areas involved in the initial stages of food processing.

High comfort, safety and protection at every step

Each model has a solid, non-slip sole that allows you to move safely even on wet or icy surfaces. As much of the work in this field is carried out in high humidity environments or requires direct contact with water, the footwear is also waterproof. The perfectly shaped design and ergonomic interior minimize the risk of chafing and injuries and keep legs and feet in top shape - even after long hours of work. A wide range of fastenings completes the look. The Food Trax is available as a slip-on, lace-up or with a Velcro fastening.

Specialist footwear for working in the most demanding conditions

The vast majority of food production takes place at low temperatures. Depending on the type of food, we are talking about cold stores (where the temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius) and freezers (where the temperature ranges from -21 to even -31 degrees Celsius). Working in these areas therefore requires not only ergonomic and safe footwear. Adequate thermal comfort is also extremely important. The Food Trax range includes a wide selection of footwear with a high upper (boots) equipped with a special Thinsulate insulating membrane. Its combination with insulation from below results in the innovative Cold Protection technology. In addition to the aforementioned footwear with a high upper, Food Trax also offers classic footwear with a low upper. These products, in turn, are particularly suitable for areas where precision, safety and protection count - regardless of the temperature. 

Are you looking for lightweight, durable and reliable shoes for your business?

Take a look now at the possibilities offered by specialist footwear for the catering and food industry - from the Food Trax range. Contact us for more information or visit our shop to place your order. We are convinced that the use of the footwear will not only increase hygiene and safety in your business, but also significantly improve the comfort and productivity of your employees.